Aim & Scope

ARIV International Journal of Business is focused on new research addressing Business & Management. The Journal is especially interested in studies that address emerging issues. ARIV publishes work from all disciplinary of business & management, theoretical and methodological perspectives. ARIV focus on original research studies, the Journal aims to help its readers by exploring contentious and novel topics.

ARIV Objective

  • Interface between theoretical insight and practical application, connecting the Academic and corporate world.
  • Enhancing Education especially through the use of experiential pedagogies and empirical research and case studies.
  • Representing the early stages of theorizing in unique and innovative ways leading to business innovations and enterprise development.
  • Developing an intellectual repository for our readers to support their professional development.

ARIV International Journal of Business  is basically international in scope and organized into the following streams.

Business Environment , Corporate Governance, Decision Sciences, Strategic Management, Innovation Management, International business, Entrepreneurship, Management Accounting, Business research methods, Digital Business, Financial management, General management, Human resource management, Operation Management, Marketing management, Total quality management, Management , Business ethics organizational behavior, Industrial psychology, Technology management, Sustainable development, Compensation Management, Appraisal System, Performance Evaluation, Competency Mapping, Core Competencies, employee engagement, Business intelligence and Information system management, accounting, applied economics, finance, industrial relations, political science, psychology, hotel and tourism, business ethics, international relations, law, development studies, media management, Economic Development, statistics, Stock Market, Investment Analysis, Portfolio construction and diversification, Modelling Risk -Return, Inclusive Financing, Financial Engineering, Digitizing finance functions, Micro Finance, Entrepreneurship Financing, Financial Services, International Financial Management, Derivatives, Risk and Control Strategies, Micro and Macro Economics, Banking and Credit Control, Credit Rating, Marketing of Financial Services, New avenues of funding projects, Financial Performance analysis, Cost optimization, Management Accounting in Public Sector, IFRS Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Accounting for Banks and Insurance Companies, Block Chain Accounting, Computerized Accounting, Accounting Information System, Accounting and Auditing Services, Management Accounting for Sports clubs, Customer Profitability Analysis, Variance Analysis, Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting for government, marketing management, consumer behavior, retail management, customer satisfaction, customer relationship management, branding, marketing information system, marketing research, advertisement, sales promotion, publicity, personal selling, channel management, distribution management, services marketing, marketing environment, customer complaints, customer care management, building competitive edge and other disciplines, provided the application is to management, as well as research in areas such as marketing, corporate strategy, operations management, organization development, decision analysis, and other problem-focused paradigms.