Author Guidelines

  1. All manuscripts should be in English language.
  2. All manuscripts must be original.
  3. The manuscript should contain a concise abstract (200 – 300 words), and up to 5 keywords. The main text of the manuscript should start on the new page.
  4. Manuscript submissions should not exceed 10000 words excluding abstract, figures, tables, references, and other necessary items.
  5. All manuscript submissions should be written in “Times New Roman” with a 12-point font, using 1.5 line spacing.
  6. The first page must contain the Title of the Article, Name of the author(s), Designation, Affiliation, Contact Number and e-mail id.
  7. Referencing should follow the Harvard referencing system. Please click here to download the referencing style……….
  8. Endnotes are to be used, and not footnotes. These should be numbered sequentially and placed immediately following the text of the manuscript.
  9. Figures, Tables & Charts etc. must be original and not to be a scanned copy.
  10. Tables should be self-explanatory, i.e. a reader should be able to understand the table without reading the article.