Publication process

  1. There Is no submission and publication fee
  2. All manuscript should be electronically submitted through online submission system
  3. Submission acknowledgement will be sent after online submission
  4. No manuscript will be considered which has already been published or is being considered by another magazine or journal.
  5. All the correspondence will be addressed to the first author, in case of joint submission. The preferred method of author contact will be through e-mail.
  1. All manuscript should be free from Plagiarism.
  2. Please note that all submissions are thoroughly checked for plagiarism.
  3. Plagiarism Software will be used to check similarity that would not be more than 15% including reference section.In the case of exclusion of references, it should be less than 5%.
  4. The manuscript should meet ethical standards applicable to the research discipline.
  1. First review will be done by the editorial board to check whether the manuscript fit to the aim and scope of the journal
  2. Double Blind Peer Review process will be followed. Each manuscript undergoes a blind review, typically by two reviewers, plus review by an associate editor.
  3. Review process policy which takes 3-4 weeks minimum to review the manuscript
  4. Review Result will be sent to the corresponding author
  5. Selection or Rejection of the manuscript will be based on the recommendations of reviewers
  6. Selection of manuscript will come under three categories:
    • Selection without any changes
    • Selection with minor changes
    • Selection with major changes
  7. A manuscript achieves full acceptance status only after all revisions required by the associate editor, the reviewers, and the editor have been made and the manuscript meets all format specifications
  1. The journal provides immediate open access to its content to support the researcher for global exchange of knowledge
  1. All the authors should sign and submit the copyright policy before publication. Click here for Copyright form…………
  2. The copyright will be maintained by the journal publisher.
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